Frequently Asked Questions

What states comprise the Mountain Region Chapter?
Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

Is there a cost for becoming a member?
No, becoming a member is free, although certain events may require a registration fee to defray expenses of the specific event. The Mountain Region Chapter relies on the assistance of sponsors to operate.  Please refer to the Sponsorship tab to learn more about these opportunities.

Can a man become a member?
Yes, Women in Public Finance, including the Mountain Region Chapter, does not discriminate by gender.

How can I get more involved?
When you fill out your membership application, check the box of the committee that interest you, email us at or contact an Executive Council member directly.

Will there be a Mountain Region Chapter WPF event in my area?
Our Chapter will host webinars throughout the year and events are expected to be held regionally throughout the year as well. Check back frequently to the website for the latest happenings.

If I sign up to become a member of Mountain Region Chapter Women in Public Finance, am I automatically a member of the national Women in Public Finance? Will I automatically receive emails from the national Women in Public Finance?
We would encourage members to sign up in order to receive notifications from both organizations. National Women in Public Finance sends emails regarding their annual conference, additional events, their annual scholarship, and more.

I will be sponsoring an event and I am a man. Is it appropriate for me to attend the event?
Mountain Region Chapter WPF is grateful to all our sponsors, so yes, we would love for you to attend the sponsored event.